A Grizzly Scene

by The Thumps

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released December 3, 2016

All songs written by The Thumps
Recorded at Church of Wax
Engineered and Mixed by Cadillac Young
Mastered by Tim Haertel
Artwork by Bro
Louisville, Ky
All songs copyright The Thumps 2016



all rights reserved


The Thumps New Albany, Indiana

New Albany's finest 4-piece orchestra... sort of.


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Track Name: Doktor
Lately i'm feeling quite erratic
Lately i'm feeling very tired
Can't seem to find my head or remember all the things I said
because the men who talk inside my brain have gotten louder as of late

But otherwise I feel great

The Doctor says i've got some problems
The Doctor says i've got to stay
I don't know if I want it that way but i'd hate to leave and then be in pain
and now it seems they're forcing me and i'm buckled down sedately
and the Doktor says to me
"Oh I have got a plan...
so just listen to it"

Let your body take control cause your mind it failed its barely whole
Two-step your delusions out now turn it up I need it loud
Cause surely with enough noise you'll block the voices out
And if you have the right poise we'll all rejoice and shout
Cause you're gonna be cured! You're gonna be cured Hallelujah!

Lately I am feeling sadly
Lately i'd say i'm fairly tired
I'd say depressions setting in from being stuck inside this pen
However Doctor he assures me that I am getting better and... he has got a plan
Listen to it
Track Name: Back to the Future
Here goes the story of a boy
And his friend a genius old man
Who one nite in a parking lot
He hatched a crafty plan, you see the

Man had built a brand new
Fantastical machine with which
The press of a pedal could take you to
Anywhere you dream But see he

Some people mad...
And so it forced...
The clever lad... to go

Back to the Future!
And I hope to see you there

Back to the Future!
And I hope you are prepared!

The machine it took the boy to a
Place far behind his time
Where he felt he couldn't keep pace amongst
His parents in their prime and when his

Mother fell in love with the boy
Whom she didn't know was her son
The boy had to get the help of the genius
To end what they begun and so they

A school dance...
And his mother fell
For his dad, and they went
Track Name: Back to the Future Pt. 2
Hey my old friend good to see you again
Guess it hasn't been that long for you

I'll tell you about the future now it's
nothing to do with how you turn out
No it's not you, you see it's your kids. They'll get into trouble like their father did
But we can alter it now before it happens heres how just wear this hat and these shoes they'll size themselves to fit you

I'll scarce believe what we'll be knowing, we won't need roads where we're going
I'm glad that I can go there with you
Times broken grab some stitches and a suture
Me and you we're going back to the future

So he made a mistake, you cleaned it up its ok
The whole thing was over in a day

But then your lady got lost, the cops dropped her off,
not to mention your little gambling plot

And so your rival took note, he hatched a scheme of his own, you went back to your home but you weren't alone
And so we quickly hatched a plan, you know we'll do what we can, you've beaten him before, I think you'll do it again
Track Name: Time has Come
"The time has come" the walrus said
To talk of many things
But talk is cheap for the lower class
And I can't afford a ring and
she lied to me
She lied and said she'd miss me and with regret I said the same
The truth is that she left me, so I never trust a dame

Dear Lord
Liquidize me, isolate, and solidify my soul
And i'm gonna meet my maker if I can't get some control

She banished me into a hole
A base I seemed to find
I'm sitting in a posion well
Just the cosmos of my mind
Just me
The id seems like a scary place but other know no shame
Percussive maintenance medicine when pain is just a game

"Drink me" read the bottle, oh you'll not feel small again
"Smoke this" said the caterpillar "It'll help you to forget"
The red queen has her army she raised souls of the living dead
And because i'm her loyal jester, she gifted me with her head!
And I cannot find the time of day, to bring her precious things!
I wish she could find her inner peace and tell me i'm all she needs!
Track Name: Miss Freak
Listen up kids, listen real close
While I tell you the tale of the most horrible ghost
Her name is Mrs. Freak and she lives outside your home
And theres nothing she loves more than watching you alone
She'll wait until your father leaves he's tucked you in real tight
You won't even know she's there until he turns off the light
It'll start with a tapping, long fingers against the glass
It'll soon turn into screeching as her nails pull right past

She will get her hooks into you
She wants you to come out your back door

Mrs. Freak! is coming to take you away
Little boys and little girls, theres nothing you can say
She's gonna nab you quickly, you're never coming back
There's nothing you can do against her sickening attack
And when you find you're at her mercy well it's already too late
Shes taken you away and you've already sealed your fate

You'll gaze into her eyes, you'll find you're hypnotized
Her sinister seductions worked and you don't even realize
Her wicked grin is poisonous her wild hair is ominous
Her long legs are portents of an evil smiling dominance
And her lips they drip with darkness she'll lick apart your heart and
Her makeups made of blackened coal to help her trap your cursed soul
She wants to drink your body, she'll swallow you up whole
But first she'll want a taste before she gets to her true goal

oh don't let her, I know that its getting harder
To say No but don't go, Oh! what about your soul
Track Name: Boy I Used to be
From my window I can see
The lights and sounds of the city streets
Cobblestones and broken alleys
Rivers flowing through whiskey valleys

It's changed since I was younger
I'm different so is she
I've got a few more vices now
An empty bottle helps me see

I'm trying to rediscover the things that I once knew
I'm trying to believe the things I once though true
It's harder than you think
To rediscover your youth

From my window I can see
The boy I think i used to be
Cops and robbers hide and seek
The ground is lave beneath my feet
Track Name: terrible, terrible.
Given the choice between living or dying I'm still trying to decide...

The constable had been there for hours, The inspector was about to arrive.
"Officer it's so good to see you how unfortunate it's under such dire circumstances!"
"Indeed my old friend lets not tarry further, the crimescene is just through the hall in the study. And it's terrible, terrible, oh no... What a grizzly scene, but more grizzlys what it means. And I can easily discern, how the incident occured. But it's Terrible, terrible, oh no..."
"The way that I see it," said the constable "Is the maid got him from behind, while he read. The blood on that bust of Vidocq proves i'm right!"
"Not quite," Said Inspector, "it's all very clever the planting of the bludgeon, the framing of the live-in, but I know the victim was no friend of your office... He called for reform of the police department. And it's terrible, terrible, oh no... What a grizzly scene, but more grizzlys what it means. And I can easily discern, how the incident occured. But it's Terrible, terrible, oh no...""
"The way that it transpired my darling Constable: you came to him calling saying that you'd like to discuss all the pressing issues lulling him into a state of false security! Then you struck him with your billy club! You tried to clean it off but I can still see blood and the wound it left matches up to an item of that weight and size unlike the bust you planted!"
Track Name: Singapore
I'll meet you down in the red light
I'll meet you there in the dark of the night
See you and me we got to settle a score
And thats how we do it in singapore

So you think you can hide from me?
Not while you owe me that money
Oh now we'll see how you dodge my sword
Cause thats how we do it in singapore

Cause i'll meet you in changi
Sometime before the dawn
If I don't see you before the sun then i'll be dead
and gone
And i'll scream out goodbye to you
With my passing breath
Cause friday morning sees a hanging rope bring my death

Oh I take another cigarette
I take a drag oh it's the last that i'll get
We all wish for a little bit more
But thats how they do it down in Singapore

I'll bring a knife, a sword, a few of my friends
We'll make it quiet so we can do it again
Don't want the cops knocking at my door
Cause thats how they do it down in singapore
Track Name: Boston
I was heading down to Boston, I here there's good work there
My brother was a rough man but he had a few things he could share
I'm not for you at my side
But tonight won't you be my guide
When the lights go out
And I could not remember if he said yes or no
"A man" he'll say "can do no more than be pilot to where he goes"

Oh, I know it hurts, but that's what this is all about
It's hard to hear I understand but you know that its all going out
Welcome! to a new life! it was like this the day you were born
Disjointedly disappointing good God I'm so worn

My habits are the usual ones my veins my blood my sides
A flower seed flowing free would better be served in my eyes
You know it wasn't always this way
No matter how I persuade
You don't want me
Its better that you go away, and leave me to my loves
You'll find a place to clean it up across the country in Boston

I was heading down to Boston, I here there's good work there
My brother was a rough man but he bought me train fare
Track Name: Toomai (of the Elephants)
Have you heard of the dance of the elephants?
I'm not privy myself but

there's a boy that I know whos seen it though
He swears that its real

Don't you ever wonder in the dark?
Its fierce and sad but how would you leave your mark?

As if Mastodon could do the Charleston
As if mammoth could prance

Like a Balinese trapeze
Its a wonderful sight on a starry night

It happened one night when we all slept and he crept out with his old pet he slinked away with an elephant through the brush and the wood and a good way they went
To a place where they danced

Have you heard of the dance of the elephants?
I hope I can see it someday

Theres something thrilling about a giant tilling
His feet through the ground

Toomai oh you're luckiest of all
I bet ou're mostly glad they didn't fall

But the sweetmeat seller
Lent him a tom-tom
A little drum beaten
with the flat of the hand

And he sat down
as the stars
began to come out

all alone
among the elephant fodder
what a great great honor
but there was no tune no words no thought just

and he thumped and he thumped
and he thumped and he thumped
and the more that he thumped
the more it made him happy